NBN Wiring

Are you about to get NBN?

NBN Workers
If you have seen these workers near where you live or work – you could be about to get NBN.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is expected to be completed by 2020 and connect more than 8 million homes to ultra high speed internet services.

The rollout is connecting premises with Multi-Technology-Mix (MTM) infrastructure – which basically means a mixture of fibre, coaxial, copper, wireless and satellite services will make up the NBN depending on where the service is to be provided.

For example, if you are in an older area (referred to as brownfield) you may expect to receive your NBN through your existing copper telephone cables (Fibre to the Node or FttN), or coaxial (Hybrid-Fibre-Coaxial or HFC) if you had Foxtel cable installed previously (Optus coaxial cable will not be used for NBN).

If you are lucky you may even receive fibre to the premises (FttP) – currently the best connection possible since it is able to serve ultra-high speeds directly from the NBN.

Either way, some hardware will need to be installed at your home or office before you can get access to the NBN.

The Premises Connection Device (PCD) is installed to the outside of the premises and is the entry point for copper, coaxial and fibre:


The cabling from the PCD is connected to an internal device called the NTD:



NBN Coaxial NTD

You may wish to have battery backup for times where your electricity supply fails or is prone to blackout/brownouts:


So your premises’ NBN installation could look like this:

NBN Premises Topology

But – the big question is – will you be able to connect to the NBN as soon as it’s installed?

The answer is: maybe not!

We are regularly called out to new NBN installations where customers are:

  • unable to use their land-line phones (their old copper phone line was disconnected upon connecting to the NBN),
  • unable to connect to the internet because their existing wired network (LAN) is not connected to the NTD, or
  • the WiFi won’t reach their modem which is now in another room at the other end of the premises!

We have the answers!

We can cable your premises for connection to the NTD – including:

  • reconnecting your land-line phones,
  • cabling a connection from the NTD to your existing LAN, and
  • configuring or relocating the modem to a central location and eliminating WiFi black-spots.

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