Alarm Servicing

Most alarms that are installed in homes, shops or factories need servicing on a regular basis. This is because they are used daily and are relied upon to perform a crucially important task.

We regularly find that batteries need replacing, zones fail to detect properly or that sirens and strobes are faulty.

We can visit your home or office during business hours to service your alarm for a small fixed price of $85 (does not include parts).

Don’t leave your alarm to chance, get it checked today, before you go away!

Some of the alarms we service are:

Hills Reliance (also known as DAS, NX, Networx, GE Interlogix)Hills Reliance R8 CabinetHills Keypads

Honeywell Vista (also known as Ademco Vista)

Honeywell Ademco Vista

Crow Runner & Crow Serenity

Crow Runner Alarm Keypad

Bosch Solution 16, 844, 880, 2000, 3000 & 6000

Bosch Keypads

Ness D8, D16, R8/R16, Smartliving, M1

Ness, Navigator, KPX LCD, Radio, Saturn Keypads

Paradox MG5000 and SP5000 series

Paradox Alarm Keypads

Inner Range Concept & Inception
Inner Range Concept EliteInner Range Prisma

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